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Epic Island is a game made by Backflip Studios

This is a game. An epic game. An epic game set on a suitably Epic Island.
Epic Island is overrun by epic monsters and outrageously epic titans. Epic monsters and epic titans are best fought by heroes. Not just any heroes, mind you. Epic heroes.
Epic heroes on an epic quest to defeat epic beasts and score insanely epic loot.

  • Assemble a legion of heroes
  • Defeat hordes of brutish monsters
  • Raid dungeons for boundless loot
  • Forge mighty weapons & armor
  • Battle players in the glorious arena
  • Join a faction for weekly bonuses
  • Adopt powerful pet companions
  • Triumph over colossal titans
  • Explore the outer reaches of Epic Island

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Epic Island by Backflip Studios

Epic Island by Backflip Studios

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